Water Features
Whatever your taste in water features we have something for everyone
We stock a large selection of water features constructed from sandstone, marble, granite, concrete and stainless steel many of which can be seen working in our Show Centre All sizes may vary slightly Please telephone Aaron & Shari on 9300 1677 if you require more information.

Lady and Man Under Umbrella


1100mm High

700mm Wide


Water flows over umbrella

Girl holding Hose


350mm High

200mm Wide

Boy holding frog


450mm High

80mm Wide

Water spits from the frog


Jazz Frogs


300mm High

400mm Wide

Water spits out of each instrument

Three Dolphins


Also comes with pump


Water Carrier


Fibreglass resin constuction, also comes with pump

Grapes / Urn

Resin Fibreglass construction, comes with pump

Hand Carved Water Feature 2

Larger picture  

Totally unique hand carved

600mm high

Height 600mm

Whale Pond Feature

Great addition for oxygenating your pond. Comes with pump
Appox 46 x 23 x 26cm made from polyresin