Algae & Fish Treatments for Ponds
If your pond has an algae problem or perhaps you have a sickly fish we have a treatment for it
We have a large range of Pond & Fish Treatments and can advise on the use and type required for most situations. If you require help please contact Aaron on 9300 1677

Pondamax Water Conditioner and Treatment


Removes Chlorine

Neutralises ammonia

Totally harmless, impossible to overdose

Treats 6000 litres

Also sold in 2.5 Litres and 5 Litres

Pondmax Cleanmax


Complete Pond Cleaner

Reduces overall pond maintenance

Treats up to 36000 liters

Pondmax ClearMax



Binds fine particles together

Restores pond clarity

Enviromentally safe, non toxic formula

treats up to 30000 liters

Pondmax BactiMax


Clears water using natural bacteria and enzymes

Improves filter performance

100% safe for all aquatic life

treats up to 120000 liters

Pondmax StatuMax


Tough stain and debri lifting formula

Works on all water feature surfaces

treats 300 litres